Our Team

Magnify Progress was founded by a group of passionate tech progressives with backgrounds in product development, engineering, and social activism. Based in Palo Alto, California, Magnify Progress has the goal of increasing civic engagement by using social technology to help users activate their friend groups and connections to take action.


Malous Kossarian - Founder & CEO

Malous is a second generation immigrant with a strong STEM background, experience in tech at small and large companies, and a masters degree in Chemistry. Malous worked as a programmer and senior product manager for IBM Watson, where she applied machine learning and cognitive technologies to enhance access to data.


rich Skrenta - FOUNDER & CTO

Rich is a technologist and serial entrepreneur. Rich was the founder and CEO of Blekko, an Internet search engine acquired by IBM Watson. Previously, Rich founded Topix, local community and news platform, and the Open Directory Project, a crowdsourced web directory and search site.


Jason Anderson - founder & cfo

Jason is an experienced developer and engineering leader. He has extensive experience implementing front and back ends for complex, high performance websites. He is an expert in using cognitive technologies to enhance machine learning algorithms applied to large data sets. Most recently, he was the senior architect for several projects at IBM Watson.


Marvin Mante - developer

Marvin is on a developer's journey to build tools in web and mobile that empower individuals and communities to affect social and political change. He Sorely misses the eloquence, inclusiveness, and charisma of #44. For the past decade, Marvin has been involved in various aspects of technology, from building data centers at Amazon to developing internal tools at SugarCRM.


PAMELA John - strategic communications

Pamela does strategic communications, partner outreach and social media in hopes of inspiring everyday people to rally their revolutionary spirits and engage in grassroots activism.


David Skrenta - developer

David is a versatile developer with experience in various front end and back end technologies.

He has developed a number of projects, including Better America, a platform to crowdsource potential legislation for government, Harvix, a research engine for students, and Octograde, a test-administering tool for teachers. He has also consulted for a number of clients and regularly participates in hackathons. David is a sophomore in computer science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Bryce Desbrisay - Frontend & Design

Bryce is a talented graphic designer and artist, and is adept at front end coding. Bryce has implemented front-end designs and UX for a variety of projects, including Better America, Harvix, Octograde, and others. Bryce is a sophomore in computer science at the University of Colorado, Boulder.